Covid-19 Information

To protect our members during these uncertain times there are several restrictions and safety protocols which must be followed to ensure we can continue to operate safely. These restrictions, documented in the safety protocol below, are an outcome of a risk assessment completed for our specific circumstances.

1. Member Declaration: All members taking part in any club activities must complete the following declaration at least 3 days prior to coming paddling and every 14 days thereafter.

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2. Safety Protocol: This protocol contains important information regarding the control measures we have put in place to ensure member’s safety while in & around the club containers.  All members attending any club sessions must read, understand and submit an electronically signed copy of the protocol before attending any club sessions.  Any queries on any aspects of the protocol contact any Committee Member.

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3. Pool Sessions: Attendance at pool sessions must also be strictly controlled and pre-booking on eventbrite is mandatory. Session time is 4.55pm-5.55pm each Sunday. Tickets are available on the Saturday before the Sunday session and members can only purchase tickets for sessions which they are allowed to attend i.e. beginner session is for beginners only etc.

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4. Peer Paddles: Club organised peer paddles will be arranged through the club Whatsapp groups. Eventbrite booking is not required however it is important to inform the trip organiser in advance if you plan to attend. The above measures #1 and #2 apply to all club paddles.

We understand some of the above measures are restrictive but we would ask members for cooperation during these uncertain times to ensure that we can continue to paddle safely.

Any questions on any of the above please contact any member of the club Committee or Enda, SKC Safety Officer.

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