Biosecurity means taking action to minimise the introduction or spread of invasive non-native species and diseases.  These invasive non-native species are plants or animals which have been transported outside their natural habitat and they can damage our environment, our health and our economy.

Sligo Kayak Club have adopted the ‘Check Clean Dry’ approach (as advised by Invasive species Ireland) as these principles are recognised as key to stopping the spread of invasive species.  This approach will apply for all instances where kayaks, paddles, trailers, equipment, shoes and clothing are moving between waterways.

Items of equipment that require attention include both club and privately owned kayaks; clothing including wet suits, dry suits, cags, personal flotation devices, spray decks, helmets, paddles, footwear and any other items of equipment carried on the water by SKC members.

Biosecurity Policy

All new and existing members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the club Biosecurity Policy (*.pdf).
Any questions regarding the policy or its application please contact a member of the club committee.

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