Kayaking Info

Our Kayaking info section is designed to give you more information on the sport of kayaking.  If you would like to see anything else included in this section please let us know.


Kayaking is a sport of varying disciplines so there is something for everyone’s tastes.  Learn more about some of the more common disciplines on our Disclipines page.


Sligo Kayak Club being affiliated with Canoeing Ireland follow the CI Skills curriculums.  Our Skills page introduces you to the various river and sea skills.


There are tons of kayaking resources available online.  Our Resources page contains some of our favourite videos for learning various kayak skills.

River Guides

Our River Guides pages contains very useful guides to some of the local rivers written by the guys who paddle them.  Rivers included: the Garavogue, the Duff, the Boyle, the Bonet and the Dunniel.  If you would like to contribute a guide to any other rivers or popular paddling locations in the North West please get in touch.


Our Links page contains…well…links.