Launch of Safety Framework & Biosecurity Policy

Thanks to all members who attended the recent launch of our new Biosecurity Policy and our Safety Framework.

All relevant documents are now live on the website and members are asked to review them as soon as possible. For those that missed the session below is a short summary; feel free to reach out to any committee member to discuss either of these initiatives should you have any questions or comments.


Invasive non-native species pose a threat not only to our environment but also our economy. It is our responsibility as water users to not only be aware of the threat posed by invasive species and to recognise that water based activities can be a key pathway for the spread of invasive species but also to ensure we implement adequate controls to reduce or eliminate the risk of spreading such species between our waterways during club or individual activities. It is therefore incumbent on all members to acquaint themselves with the club biosecurity policy and the controls we have now put in place. Further information is available on our biosecurity page.

Safety Framework:

The safety of our members is paramount and Sligo Kayak Club is committed to implementing a range of measures to maintain the safety of all paddlers. The purpose of the Safety Management Framework therefore is to aid in identifying kayaking related hazards and risks, identifying a range of safety measures to mitigate risk and to optimise the safety of Sligo Kayak Club members and kayaking event participants. All members are again asked to familiarise themselves with the contents of the safety framework available at: …/policy-documents/