Member Mentoring

SKC is starting a new pilot project this year, Member Mentoring, the purpose of which is to buddy up members who are keen to learn new skills with more experienced members who are happy to share their skills. The goal of the programme is to help members who have completed L2 training and want to start to develop their skills further. The mentoring could be on specific strokes or techniques or could even be on level progression e.g. supporting someone working towards attaining their L3. It is very much on a voluntary, informal basis and for a period of time to be agreed between the mentor and mentee.

How it works

  • Experienced members volunteer to be a mentor on skills or techniques they are strong on
  • Mentees buddy up with mentors and discuss/agree what skills they will work on, when they will work on them etc
  • Mentors commit to giving some of their time on peer paddles or weekday club sessions to progress the skills of their mentees
  • Mentors & mentees can move on to new skills or new partnerships as they need to

How to partake

Any members interesting in taking part in the project as either a mentor or mentee please complete the following short form. We would encourage our experienced members to consider giving some of their time over the coming summer/autumn to help develop their fellow members.

Mentor-Mentee Form

Mentoring ideas

Some ideas to consider focusing on include trip planning, reading weather forecasts, x-rescue or heel hook rescue, boat emptying, sculling for support, rolling, use of throw ropes, forward paddling progression, confidence building and so on. It may be worth reviewing the CI Paddle Skills Awards for ideas.


Any mentors intending to work with junior members (U18) will need to complete Garda Vetting and Child First training. We would encourage mentors to not let that put them off the programme as support is available to assist with meeting these requirements.

Any questions on the programme please direct them to Enda on 086 2380059.